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Ralf Schmidt September 3, 2005 05:01

Suggestion: uploading CFD examples

I have a suggestion for the CFD-Online page: There should be an area, where CFD users can upload there work, like pictures, abstracts or papers as pdf. When you are proud of a nice simulation and you have a good postprocessing " why not share it with others?

So other users can actually see some examples and applications of CFD. Also it might be helpful to explain some steps or show the geometry/mesh in Fluent or other programs.

Hope, others will share my opinion!


Luca September 3, 2005 05:46

Re: Suggestion: uploading CFD examples
You're perfectly right. I support your wonderful idea!Luca

zxaar September 3, 2005 17:50

Re: Suggestion: uploading CFD examples
i suggested this long ago, but it seems Jonas is not interested in this or may be it requires too much of effort to do.

Jonas Larsson September 3, 2005 19:50

Re: Suggestion: uploading CFD examples
We're working on something along those lines right now. There will be a possibility to publish articles in an online CFD magazine which we will open soon.

We also have an experimental wiki running which will allow people to write and upload things. We have started to add some structure and content to the wiki before we release it to the public. So stay tuned.

What we don't have any near term plans to offer is a forum which allows uploads or attached images, that will have to come after the other two (the CFD magazine and the Wiki). Can't do everything at the same time.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Jonas Larsson September 3, 2005 19:52

Re: Suggestion: uploading CFD examples
Sure, we're very interested, but the server switch and the new layout has taken much longer time than I expected. Now that we are finally up and running with the new layout on the new server I'll focus on new features and services instead.

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