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aPpA September 5, 2005 12:45

making video in DPM
Hi everyone,

Is is possible to make videos of the particle tracks in the DPM model?

Can some one tell me how to do this.

thanks in advance.


Allan Walsh September 6, 2005 12:40

Re: making video in DPM
I have never been able to find a direct way of doing this in Fluent, using Windows. (For pathlines, you can pulse particles in and make an MPEG of their flow).

For Windows system, you can purchase a simple add-on screen video capture device (Hypercam is one example for less than $50 US) that you can use to capture an animation of your particles.

The video quality is not great, but it does show the essence of the particulate flow.

aPpA September 6, 2005 12:51

Re: making video in DPM
thanks for the adivse Allan,

I am using a linux machine, so i guess i have look out for software to capture the animation while viewing the pulse of the particles directly from fluent.

Does anyone knw any software that does this in linux ???

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