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seabstian September 6, 2005 09:43

gridding qn
If I have a huge mesh, is there any way by which i can split my geometry into number of different case files and read it all together in fluent??

thanks in advance seb

zxaar September 6, 2005 20:23

Re: gridding qn
If you have a huge mesh then probably fluent will give you memory error and will not read it. So you can create a mesh that fluent can read on your computer(not more than that size). And that mesh can be created in parts and then merged into a single mesh by tmerge command and then could be read into fluent.

To give and idea, my 3gb ram machine can easily create 3 million hexa cells with gambit, but the same machine can not read that mesh with fluent. So the mesh size is really limited by fluent not by gambit.

it may not be always the case, if i create the mesh on different machine and then read it on different machine. In any case, fluent can not read the mesh that it can not merge by tmerge on the machine that has fluent. So use tmerge.

seabstian September 8, 2005 09:42

Re: gridding qn
thanks a lot zxaar

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