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Aykut September 6, 2005 16:22

Street Canyon
Hi everybody;

I am a master degree student and I have a master thesis topic of "Simulation of a flow in a Street Canyon". So I am a new user of both Gambit and Fluent Softwares. My first aim is to create a 2D and then a 3D Street Canyon Geometry and to mesh it.2D seems easy but with 3D i have no clue. Soooo if any of you have a basic simple meshed 3D street canyon model and share it with me I will be sooooo satisfied. Thanxx for your cooperation. Bye

Ahmed September 6, 2005 20:42

Re: Street Canyon
Excuse me, what is a street canyon?

Masood September 7, 2005 14:38

Re: Street Canyon
hi LOL, yeah man what is it.?

fluent145 December 26, 2009 07:34

A street canyon is a street with buildings to one or both sides, making some kind of 'canyon'.

denizen December 29, 2009 02:06

this is donation not cooperation LOL :p

josik_1982 December 30, 2009 20:05

check this thread it has a link to tutorials, in which one of them might be what you are looking for.

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