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swarnajay September 6, 2005 17:37

periodic boundary conditions in multiphase model
My problem is to model deformation of equispaced droplets between infinite moving plates, through shear. The boundary conditions on the two sides has to be periodic( that is the one used in all the literature).But FLUENT does not permit users to use the periodic boundary condition with any of the multiphase models. Is there any way to circumvent this?? if not,what other software can I use?? Thanking you in advance swarnajay

Nicolas_Castro July 24, 2009 11:04

I have a similar problem. I am attempting to introduce particles in a rotating pipe using Large eddy simulation. I have modeled and attained a solution for the rotating pipe using periodic boundary conditions without particles. Now I wish to introduce particles within the pipe. Do I simply change the periodic boundary conditions to a pressure inlet and outlet? Any help or suggestions is much appreciated thanks.

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