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Mary September 7, 2005 11:04

Non-premixed turbulent combustion of oil fuel
Hi everobody ! I need help. I am also new in CFD calculation and I am TRYING to model combustion in chamber of the low temperature boiler (25 kW). What I have done ?? prePDF file (defined species C, C(s), CO, CO2, CH4, H, H2, H20, H20(l), N, O, N2, O2, OH) I know without S. The fuel is EL oil (S<0.5%)I have ignored it. The inlet fuel temperature is (260C)533.15K (vaporization temperature at which vaporization of oil droplets begins) The oxidiser(air) inlet temperature is 20C IN Fluent: 3d, segregated solver, k-epsilon turbulence model, non-premixed combustion, DO radiation model, Discrete phase-injections of oil, injection type=pressure swirl atomizer, particle type=droplet, Material=fuel-oil-liquid, interation with continuos phase(air), particle radiation interaction The temperature of the air is 20C, and I know I have to initiate combustion by patching. But I don't know how.

Error: divergence detected in AMG solver: enthalpy ???

In Gambit I have made only BC for air-velocity inlet and outlet (pressure outlet). And of course I have walls. Do I have to define BC for oil. I havent't done that, it is confusing. I hope it is OK just to define oil inlet by that injections. Is that correct. The diamater of the nozzle, half angle etc are defined in fluent.

Please help me ??

The chamber is reversed !!!

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