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joe September 8, 2005 06:00

doubt on meshing

I am analysing a hollow cylinder whose meshing is difficult .It has dimensions of 0.004 outer dia and 0.0038 inner dia and length is 0.045 . i had tried it meshing in all the schemes like tetra/hybrid , cooper still i am not able get it done.

I tried it modelling in mm also but i dont think that the dimensions are criterion in meshing . I modelled and meshed all the faces then did the volume mesh and i also tried it meshing it directly as volume mesh still there are problems.

I modelled it by creating in two ways one by creating two volumes and subtracting and other by creating circle and extuding .

how shall i model it so meshing can be done.

thank you

Mario September 8, 2005 07:12

Re: doubt on meshing
Some more details would be helpful. What error messages are displayed? Is it just a hollow cylinder? No baffles or anything else in there? IMHO modelling can be done the way you like... Though I cannot imagine why copper meshing scheme doesn't work, I suggest you start meshing the edges, then the faces and finally let Gambit create the volume mesh based upon edge and face meshes.

Masood September 12, 2005 13:17

Re: doubt on meshing
hi first try reading the cooper mesh tutorial in GAMBIT documentattion. it has a example of hollow cylinder. try to mesh the x-sectional face(only one) first then apply cooper mesh by selecting source faces as the x-sectional faces. u will get the volume mesh.

good luck....

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