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Matt September 15, 2005 13:07

Gridgen and Fluent

Any suggestions on why FLUENT is not reading the case file properly produced by Gridgen? Hanging cells and node error, something like this. It is a 2D mesh - I have double checked everything and it looks fine, however I dont understand the behaviour this time!

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank in advance.

akula September 17, 2005 13:21

Re: Gridgen and Fluent
you have to reverse 2d block (face) orientation under the block menu and export again. it's long time i have not used gridgen so i dont remember exact command but you can find.


Matt September 19, 2005 12:25

Re: Gridgen and Fluent
Well, I am in the 2D block section of the FLUENT data export analysis. I tried using a simple extruded mesh with just one face an it worked, however this one is a combination of many 2D faces and they all lie on the xy plane.

Fluent gives Grid Error - You can see all the boundary conditions it reads in but after a while it complains about some partial mesh on a plane or something!

Any ways thanks for the suggestion - If you can think of something else than please let me know.



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