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wanghong September 16, 2005 08:38

can melt pool flow and plasma flow be simulated ?
hi,everyone.when high power density laser beams act on a metal surface,local metal become liquid,almost at same time, part liquid can be evaporated to metal gas.immediately,the gas recoil pressure make liquid surface sunken,laser beams can be absorbed more,a keyhole full of plasma with about18000K in the metal is formed.i want simulate the keyhole formation process. i know VOF model is better in order to track liquid free surface,but can the plasma flow in the keyhole and melt pool flow be simulated at the same time?pls help! thanks!

lana September 22, 2005 20:29

Re: can melt pool flow and plasma flow be simulate
I just start to adopt the VOF model for similar problems and I am experiencing big problems of convergence due to the big differences in properties between the phases.

ndabir November 16, 2011 19:21


Have you simulated your problem? I need some help on plasma propagation modeling induced by laser beam. I don't know if I can simulate it using the basic features of fluent. I don't want to use UDF at the beginning.

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