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Atul September 20, 2005 14:37

EDC l- Reaction Rates are Zero for some Reactions
Hi Friends, I have been using EDC model for a 12 species, 13 reaction step. I am imputting the reactions in Chemkin Format and liquid fuel is being injected through the pressure swirl injector. My problem is that when I turn on the EDC model and let the simulation run, Reaction rates for some of the reactions are zero. Can anyone help me out? What could be the reason for this ?

Thanks and Regards, Atul

antonietta October 7, 2005 10:19

Re: EDC l- Reaction Rates are Zero for some Reacti
hi, i can't help you, nut since I've read that you are using EDC then you can help me. i'm simulating a non-premixed combustion and I have 5 step reaction mechanism, including backward reaction. I've written ll my reactions in Material Panel---->Reaction Mechanism. I'm using EDC, the simulation runs but the flame is too close to the inlet section and it's not possible. I'd like to know if I can modify the EDC parameters, like temp scale or C and if so, in which way? Then I'd like also know if I'm obliged to use chemkin file or not.I mean what's the difference if I use chemkin file or if i set the reactions directly in Fluent? thanks a lot antonietta from Italy

Atul October 7, 2005 10:38

Re: EDC l- Reaction Rates are Zero for some Reacti
Hi Antonietta, Yea, you can use the Chemkin mechanism file in fluent without change of units. You can consult fluent manual for details. But while specifying mechanism by yourself, you have to make sure that all the parameters like A, E, and temperature exponents are in "proper" units. I have used the mechanism in both ways. Please let me know if there is any confusion regarding implimentation of this mechanism.

I think you can change the parameters for EDC model but only if you have the "reliable data". Fluent does not recommend you to change those parameters

Regards, Atul

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