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Madhukar Rapaka September 27, 2005 07:53

Gambit: periodic boundary condition

Gambit is giving an error for my geometry

suppose i want to apply periodic boundary condition for the top and bottom faces of a Cube, i have to link those faces and i have to specify reference vertices. I did this and when generating mesh for this cube i am getting following warning: Initialization failed. Perturb boundary nodes and try again.

What is this mean?

Is it necessary to generate boundary layers for both the top and bottom faces or is it enough to generate b.layer for only top face(as i am linking bottom face with the top face).

immediate resposes are highly appreciated

Ahmed September 27, 2005 08:15

Re: Gambit: periodic boundary condition
Perturb boundary nodes and try again. Change the number/distribution of nodes and try again

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