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karthik September 28, 2005 09:53

Cd values for 3D rectangular cylinder

i'm using FLUENT to find Cd values for 3D rectangular body (parallelopiped)....i have got some results from fluent...i kept the frontal area same and increased the Length of the cylinder(length parallel to flow)....

frontal area : 3x3

length : 0.5m, 1, 2,3, 6,12, 18, 24

Cd values are first decreasing as the length increases and after 3m length, the values are increasing....i did for a range of fluid is water....

and i'm not able to give a logical explanation for the increase in Cd values as the length is increased..... please help me in this regard...if u know any journal,please give me the title.... any kind of help is highly appreciated... Thanks a lot in advance...



thileepan_ragu August 28, 2009 06:32

i'm also doing the same as u do.. the same problem is recorded in my analysis.... i want to know your cd value at length=10....

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