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Maciej October 1, 2005 16:48

Skipping zone air_inlet (not referenced by grid)

I'm trying to make very simple geometry in Gambit. The column with small air inlet in the bottom. The problem is with the bottom of course. I use cylinder (column) and circle (air inlet) at the bottom face. Everything is meshed and exported to file.msh. Then loading it to the Fluent I got the message "Skipping zone air_inlet (not referenced by grid)". So that circle at the bottom face is deleted - it is not visible by Fluent.

What am I making wrong?

Thanks in advance Maciej

RoM October 2, 2005 05:58

Re: Skipping zone air_inlet (not referenced by gri
Sounds like a connectivity problem. Go back to gambit and check if your air inlet circle is connected with the bottom of your column. There is a connectivity button somewhere in the lower right corner of gambit. Turn it on and the small air inlet circle should turn to pink if everything is all right. If its blue then you havent it connected properly.


cypsela November 19, 2010 13:05


I am facing the same problem as Maciej. My inlet was not referenced by grid when loaded into fluent as well. When i check, it IS in pink but the problem persists. Could there be another reason or something i missed? Thanks!

mojtaba1365 November 19, 2010 15:11

Skipping zone air_inlet (not referenced by grid)
I think if you change your mesh to another type of mesh, this problem will be solved.

tom634 January 15, 2012 18:42


Originally Posted by RoM
There is a connectivity button somewhere in the lower right corner of gambit.

I don't understand this. What to connect (edges? faces? volumes?) and how (unite? merge? or something else?)?

imnull January 17, 2012 20:57

hey, ANSYS workbench v13 will resolve all of your issues ..

mojtaba1365 January 18, 2012 05:38

please more explain.

tom634 January 18, 2012 07:34

For me- changing Mesh type between Tet/Hex helped.

jackslot November 13, 2012 04:42

To the skipping problem
As I was looking for what has been wrong, I found that my mesh has been not written completely in Gambit, so the non-written part of the mesh will be skipped in the fluent though there has been boundary condition you set there.

Wish you good luck~

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