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Mick October 3, 2005 08:13

External Aerodynamics - Moving Wing
Hi All,

I hope some one can suggest a solution to a problem we are having here.

We are trying to analyse the performance of a Race Car Wing when it is going through a bend. My initial thoughts are that the solution would be time dependent and may involve moving mesh, however I am not entirely sure (3D analysis). At this stage we are not considering the whole car, its just the wing at a height above the moving ground.

My question is, can it be done on Fluent and what sort of boundary condition should I specify to simulate the situation?

Secondly, how do you tell fluent that the car wing is vibrating while its moving on a straight line (2D analysis). I want to find out how the pressure coefficient changes on the wing while it is moving on a bumpy track.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and Many Thanks in advance.


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