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karthik October 5, 2005 08:20

hole in rectangular object...
hi frens

i have a problem in specifying the zone type... let me explain my problem...please see the link ....

the above diagram is my problem...the inner rectangular box has two holes....there is an outer flow has to take place both in and around the internal rectangle....actually when modelling in gambit, the left and right edges of the internal rectangle are split so that the portion which is the hole is a separate edge...and hence i can define a zone type for that particular edge....i specified that edge(hole) as INTERIOR zone type...but fluent gave this error "CANNOT CHANGE TO INTERIOR BECAUSE THERE IS ONLY ONE ADJACENT CELL THREAD"... i tried with INTERNAL zone type too....same error comes.. and fluent converts those edges to wall boundary condition...i have to get the flow inside the rectangular box thru one hole and out of the other hole...along with the external flow.....can i specify as INLET VENT zone type???my fluid is water....

please help me in my project....any help is highly appreciated....i'm badly in need of ur help...

thanks a lot in advance...

if i'm not clear pls do mail me....



RoM October 5, 2005 09:01

Re: hole in rectangular object...
This is how i would construct the geometry in gambit

1. draw outer rectangle

2. draw inner rectangle

3. spilt outer rectangle with inner (bidirectional, connected, no retain)

4. split left edge of inner rectangle 2 times to "cut out" that hole, same with right edge

5. define upper 3 edges of inner rectangle as wall, same for lower 3 edges

6. define inlet and outlet edges

7. mesh

Hope this helps


babbu May 23, 2013 22:39

hello Karthik , i need ur help in CFD of " object with a hole " ...

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