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pablo cornejo October 6, 2005 10:35

water hammer
any one has modelated the water hammer problem with fluent. if some budy knows how to define initials conditions PLEASE HELP ME.

pablo cornejo October 6, 2005 11:01

Re: water hammer
I already know how to define initials conditions (sorry).

but , I would like to have some tips about the water hammer.

Ralf Schmidt October 6, 2005 11:38

what is a water hammer??
what is a water hammer??

MOUTAZZ October 6, 2005 17:30

Re: water hammer
HI iam working in modleling waterhammer ,and in order to study the water hamer in pipeline using fluent the follwoing steps should be used,fluent 6.2 vertion should be used with 3ddp,segregate solver,the density should be set as a udf ,then the panal for speed of sound get can begin with steady solver initialy with the open valve then the case should run in a unsteady solver. if you have any idea about how can i get oscillation values of pressure and velocity at several monitoring points during the calculation please tall me . moutazz

MOUTAZZ October 6, 2005 17:40

water hammer
hi if any one know how can Time history of pressure fluctuations calculated at several point in pipeline during the calculation please help me .

Ahmed October 7, 2005 00:01

Re: what is a water hammer??
The effect (pressure increase) in a stream of fluid that is suddenly brought to zero velocity

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