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venkatesh October 14, 2005 04:20

K-e to RSM
hi everybody,

1)i am working on a complex flow domain, i have well converged results for K-e model. RSM was unstable if start directly with it. As per fluent manual i started with K-e and changed to RSM after few hunderd iterations now i have Turbulent viscocity ratio going above 10^5 in some cell, and residual plot vibrates a lot particularly epsilon. will this affect the results. URF is low as specified in the manual. or can i use the well converged result of k-e for RSM.

2)i have well converged results for k-e model. when i check the fluxes (mass flow rate) at inlet and outlet for my domain i have 3 cases 1) exactly zero 2) positive 10^-6 3) negative 10^-6 can anybody explain all the 3 cases particularly third case(how it can be negative?) which one would be best expected one?

thanks venkatesh

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