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Madhukar Rapaka October 14, 2005 09:49

fluent: residuals
Hi all

is there any process to view the residuals for a particular domain. i mean if one starts a simulation choosing "plot" residuals option, fluent plots the residuals for the complete geometry. Is it possible to plot the residuals for a particular region, where some deviation starts. if in the simulation something went wrong how to know where the problem exists.

anysort of help is highly appreciated

thanks in advance

Thérèse October 14, 2005 10:28

Re: fluent: residuals
Hi, u can create a point or surface in some particular zone in your domain, like the wake of a cylinder for example where the flow is complex, then plot or store the evolution of velocity or other variables in that particular location while the model is running. You can do so by increasing the number of surface monitors (in the solve-monitors-surface panel) check out the procedure in the manual. Hope that helps!

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