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jogendra October 18, 2005 03:53

Blocking of Grid to a certain height is possible?
hai all,

I am doing simulation on tundhish flows using Fluent 6.1.22.In my work i have to construct Dams in geometry(i.e. Dam is a block which will obstruct the flow throughout the width of geometry up to certain height).At the same time i have to test with different heights of dams by changing thier postion in the geometry along the length.

so it is vaery difficult for me to construct new geometry in the gambit every time by changing Dam height and position.

Now my question was " Is there any provision exist in the fluent so that we can block the grid for a certain height and throughout the width of geometry?"

please mail me if you know how to block certain height of Grid.

Thank you so much

my mail:

Ralf Schmidt October 19, 2005 02:21

Re: Blocking of Grid to a certain height is possib
you can generate all the possible dam geometries in gambit. And later in Fluent, you can define only the one that is needed as solid, the others as fluid. Also the boundary conditions has to fit ("wall" for the solid dam, "internel" for all the others that are fluid).

Hope it helps Ralf

jogendra October 19, 2005 03:20

Re: Blocking of Grid to a certain height is possib
Dear Ralf,

thank you so much. it is the one way we can do what ever you told.Let me explain the situation , take a cube having inlet at the top left portion where fluid enters and having two outlets seperated by some distance placed at somewhere at bottom right portion.i want to place dams now and that to i want sturctured mesh throughout the i had devide cube in to some 100 volumes to get structured mesh.then i meshed with hexa elements throughout by giving intervel count to the edges. I tried earlier itself whatever method you told.

My complications are:

1.Although i am creating three dams in Gambit. it is adding another three shadow dams while i am transporting meash to Fluent. 2.when we are meshing whether we have to mesh that solid portion also or not.

3. if we are meshing all the portion of the geometry and giving solid to perticular dam portion, then fluent doesn't take that protion for flow calculation or not.

To avoid all these i had asked that "is there any method simply inactivate certain portion of the grid, so flow takes place over that portion like a dam".

Thank you

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