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Tobias October 19, 2005 05:42

How to setup up correct Turbo Topology
Hello , I simulate an one stage axial compressor without IGv, that means only Rotor with Stator. I've some problems in posp processing my results:

The Rotor includes 16 Blades and the Stator 29 Blades. I simulated only one Blade per passage with mixing plane interface. Now the problem is that, if I try to view more than one blade, I can not define periodic repeats because there is now fluid domain shown in the drop down list... that's why I can not choose anyone. The second problem is that I had defined a Turbo topology including Rotor an stator stage, but if I want to view 2D contours, only Rotor is shown. The third problem is that no isosurfaces (iso- spanwise, iso-meridional ...) are created.

So I guess my problems is caused in the wrong definition of the overall (Rotor ans Stator included) Turbo Topology. Maybe somebody can give some advice how to solve those problems, thanks Tobias.

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