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Brian October 20, 2005 11:50

!Error creating animation sequence file
I have a sequence file called .\sequence-1.cxa along with a bunch of hmf files. I am trying to play them back and write an animation file. However, I get the following error:

!Error creating animation sequence file: .\sequence-1.cxa

Also, if I choose to hardcopy them instead to a jpeg I get errors there too:

CX_Hardcopy_Window: error opening JPEG file .\sequence...

any ideas?

edi October 21, 2005 04:35

Re: !Error creating animation sequence file
I assume that the error message appears when you try to write the frames as jpgs.

If you're working on windows platform, it might be something concerning the location of a .hdi file, I once read a mail about it from fluent support, but I lost it!

On unix, it simply doesn't work (at least on my unix system it doesn't work, and fluent support gave up...). You have to create an hardcopy of your frames manually or by a jou/scheme file and then join them with an external application.

If you get some error messages when you try to just play your metafiles back in the fluent panel, might be because the .cxa file is corrupted, sometimes it happens...but you can easily open it with a text editor and repair it. The syntax is straightforward.

Hope this helps


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