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Rashmi October 23, 2005 22:58

import *cas file from fluent to gambit??
hi all cn anyone tell me how do i import the *cas file from fluent to model is a simple 3d pipe..what all specification or data i hav to provide b4 i export the file from gambit and b4 i import the file from fluent...

thanks in advance


pUl| October 24, 2005 08:57

Re: import *cas file from fluent to gambit??
A normal procedure is to create the geometry in gambit, mesh it appropriately, specify the boundaries and their types (i.e. velocity inlet, wall etc.) and export the mesh in Fluent 5/6 format (*.msh). This is followed by reading the mesh into the Fluent after specifying the nature of the solver (i.e. 2d/2ddp/3d/3ddp etc.).
Now, what was your question again?

Rashmi October 25, 2005 00:50

import *cas file from fluent to gambit??
ok listen..

i have to create a structured meshed pipe a simple if i create the cylinder directly and then mesh it it is nt i cannot mesh the volume of the pipe using map scheme... so i created the geometry by edge and face split method ie dividing the origional volume into many volume and meshing the seperate volumes by map scheme.....but i want a single meshed volume for that we have to mesh all the volumes and thn export the file as *msh file n thn open in fluent and save as cas file and thn import the cas file into the gambit u gt a single meshed file........this was suggested by some one ...i tried the same but could not import it...getting if u knw hw to do it exactly plz explain

thanks Rashmi

pUl| October 25, 2005 00:56

Re: import *cas file from fluent to gambit??
If you use a boundary layer, you can get a very nice resolution starting from the wall and becoming coarse as the centerline is approached. There will of course be a certain region in the center which will be devoid of any control volumes. So to take care of that, you can use either a quad (map or submap) or a quad (pave) scheme to mesh the entire volume; although the former is recommended. This way, the mesh will be well controlled from the wall upto the center. Please give it (boundary layer) a try and let me know.

Rashmi October 25, 2005 01:10

Re: import *cas file from fluent to gambit??
u r saying giving boundary layer to the unstructured meshed but cn we use guad(map or submap)to mesh the volume..i hav tried several times but we cannot mesh it using map..we hav to use cooper scheme...

pUl| October 25, 2005 01:18

Re: import *cas file from fluent to gambit??
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