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Sherry October 24, 2005 14:41

Momentum Equation used in Fluent for porous media
I tried to write down the governing equations for multi-phase flow in a porous medium. Does anybody know whether the velocity used in equation (7.19-30) of users guide is the physical velocity. If so, I think there are some problems for this equation compared to other models we usually use. Can I use the UDF to define the whole momentum equation by myself?

Thanks a lot. I hope I can find someone who also use fluent to simulate the porous media and can give me some advices about it.

Ema40 September 12, 2016 10:22

I also am encountering this problem. I think that the equation in Fluent manual is not clear, and different from analogous equations reported in other scientific papers. Have you solved this problem?

Thank you

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