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Brian October 26, 2005 20:58

VOF Patching fluids at an angle?
This may be a dumb question but here it goes:

I am trying to simulate a box moving in air at a constant velocity and slamming into water. (Making use of centerline symmetry as well) I am also trying to simulate a triangular wedge doing the same thing. Now, I can mesh/simulate the box with some success by raising the water level instead at a constant velocity at the inlet using VOF. The mesh is all rectangular and nice. Instead of making a new mesh for the triangle, I thought it would be easier to make the water level at an angle instead since the problem is symmetric. However, I cannot seem to patch the water level at an angle. Fluent only lets you mark regions that are recangular. Is there a way around this or do I need to keep making new meshes for all the different angles?

Also, while I'm on a roll can someone verify my BC's/methodology? To help visualize the domain think of axisymmetric flow over a sphere. Only half the sphere needs to be modeled with a symmetry boundary. I basically have the same thing but half a box is there instead of a circle and it's NOT axisymmetric. The bottom is a velocity inlet, top is a pressure outlet, right is a wall, left is a symmetry boundary and the box/wedge is specified as a wall on the left boundary smack dab in the middle. The model is incompressible/inviscid and water is patched in just below the box and the water level rises to simulate the box falling as mentioned above. I am trying to calculate the maximum pressure along the bottom edge of the box. Should I be monitoring the maximum vertex value of static pressure on the bottom edge? Any suggestions regarding this or VOF with this problem would be greatly appreciated!!

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