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marco October 27, 2005 09:49

urgent: heat transfer fluid to solid
hi! i have to simulate a pipe flow with a heat transfer through the walls of the pipe. (aluminium pipe, outer temperature is constant) usually for something like that i created a rectangle in GAMBIT. then i definded the outer lines as walls, one line as inlet, one as outlet. this time I am asked to model the walls in 2D in gambit, not just as a line as before. so i did this. I drawed a shape that looks like three rectangles one upon the other. then i defined 8 of the lines as walls, one inlet, one outlet. then i defined three faces: the upper rectangle, the one in the middle and the lower one. after meshing each face i defined the middle face as "fluid" and the others as "solid".

is this generally right for this problem? because when i export this to fluent I have problems with setting the boundary conditions. I am able to set a constant temperature for the inner walls, which is not meant to be. when i calculate the results i just get constant temperatures in the wall and fluid, so probably there is no heat transfer between my wall and my fluid.

can anyone help me? thank you

ftsr October 28, 2005 22:17

Re: urgent: heat transfer fluid to solid
Hi Marco, Why do you have to create rectangles in Gambit? You can draw edges and create faces instead from these edges..

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