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luigi October 27, 2005 11:28

dual core
i want to buy a new dual core processor (amd atlhon 64 4200+) i'd like to know if fluent consider that as a mono-processor unit or i can choose to use the parallel version of fluent

pUl| October 27, 2005 16:46

Re: dual core
yes, fluent can make use of the second processor. You need to run Fluent parallel to use both processors.

pUl| October 27, 2005 19:31

Re: dual core
Actually that may not be necessary for dual core systems. For SMP systems however, where you have 2 physical processors on the same motherboard, fluent parallel will be more efficient than fluent serial.

pUl| October 28, 2005 18:17

Re: dual core
ok, correction. I just checked. Fluent parallel gives me better performance on a dual core than fluent serial. I used the 'smpi' and -t2 switches. This can also be done in the GUI (File -> Run). Remember not to start with the solver (2d, 3ddp etc.) already specified.

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