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edi October 27, 2005 12:48

graphics window locked?
I re-loaded some metafiles I saved some time ago to make some animations from a transient simulation and (surprise!) all the rendering options (transparencies) are lost and I'm not able to rotate and zoom with the mouse any more, the window is just freezed and here is the message:

"Warning! Can not process selection on one graphics window while another is locked"

What does it means?

Thanks in advance


edi October 28, 2005 05:01

Re: graphics window locked?
I found a solution: metafiles store even informations about the graphic hardware, driver, computer name, etc...

In the time between the metafiles were generated and the post-processing phase I changed my computer, so I have to update my metafiles with the new computer name in order to recover all the rendering options.

Up to now I'm using the "sed" command on unix.

Hope it can be helpful for somebody else...


T1M August 16, 2010 06:02

WARNING! Can not process selection
Hi guys,

is there any news on this topic?
How do I use the "sed" command?


hamalyas April 1, 2016 06:04

I'm having same exact problem. I saved metafiles and the files do exists in my working directory, but when I tried to playback the animation I cannot zoom in or change the default view. also I cannot write the animation into MPEG file because it gives me divide by zero error

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