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stella October 28, 2005 04:58

Gambit face meshing with a common edge

Wonder if anybody can help me with this gambit meshing problem. I have a 2D model of a rectangle and a semicircle placed below it. (it looks like a test tube). As such they have a common edge which is the diameter of the semi-circle and the bottom edge of the rectangle.

The thing is I want to mesh the rectangle face using 1 spacing and the semicircle face using another spacing. To do this, I graded the edges first. But how do I grade the same edge differently such that it allows me to apply 2 different sizes of mesh to the 2 faces. Or how do I go about solving this prob?

thanks a million in advance to any one who knows the solution.

regards, stella

edi October 28, 2005 05:09

Re: Gambit face meshing with a common edge
Well, instead of having one edge shared between the two surfaces, draw two overlapping edges, one for the rectangle and one for the semicircle. After that, define the edges as interface in the zone panel.

Once fluent reads your mesh, you have to define the interface again there. Please refer to the manual about the procedure.

Hope it helps


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