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Ralf Schmidt October 29, 2005 13:34

Heat transfer from porous medium to fluid

I have a geometry partly filled with a porous medium (Fluid with option porous medium) that has a higher temp. than the fluid (air) crossing it.

So, how can Fluent calculate the heat transfer from the porous to the fluid? I know the temp of the porous and the fluid, the wedded surface, the heat capacity and density and I have a guess about the overall heat transfer coefficient.

Can Fluent calculate this? Is it necessary to write a UDF?? If yes, how should it look like?

Any help is highly appreciated!!!


Ralf Schmidt October 30, 2005 07:21

Re: Heat transfer from porous medium to fluid
Ok… now I figured out that Fluent offers source terms for any medium. So I guess for my case the energy term is necessary.

But there is another question: The value of the energy term Q is given in W/m3, does that mean, I have to take

Q = HTC * a * (Tfluid " Tporous) (a is the wedded surface)

How does Fluent handle the porosity in this case? Does Fluent take the volume of every cell times the porosity (say 0.8) and calculates the heat transfer Q in the cell??? And what is about radiation?? Can the temperatur of a hot (or cold) wall effect the temp of the material, the porous medium is made from??


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