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Ralf Schmidt October 31, 2005 11:11

Error with sizing function

I have a problem in Gambit:

I want to create a mesh that size is controlled by a sizing function. The geometry is a single solid cylinder (with some diameter steps) in a cubic surrounding.

The sizing function is attached to the whole volume (cubic volume minus cylinder) and the source are some faces of the cylinder.

When I start now to mesh, the size of the mesh on the surface of the cylinder and on the surface of the cubic is ok, but in-between them, there seems to be no sizing at all... It seems, as if only the faces are meshed, but the colour of the mesh is orange as for volume mesh...

What is the problem???


Jason October 31, 2005 11:59

Re: Error with sizing function
When you're looking at the mesh in Gambit, it won't show you the volume mesh itself. It'll change the color of the face meshes to let you know that there is a volume mesh attached to the face, but to plot every node and edge would be rough on your graphics card (depending on the size of your mesh of course). Use the Examine mesh tool (icon on the very bottom right of the Gambit window... looks like a yellow grid with a magnifying glass over it) and you can look at planar cuts of your mesh. You can color them by volume, equiangle skew, etc... You can even switch from planar cuts to "range" and you can use the range setting to locate highly skewed elements.

Hope this helps, and good luck, Jason

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