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dan October 31, 2005 16:03

DPM injection with RR distribution

I'm running a coupled, discrete phase simulation with a surface injection and a RR particle diameter distribution. Once the simulation ran, I took a sample at a line parallel to the injection rake (axisymmetric problem). However, the histogram of the diameter distribution shows an uniform distribution of the number of particles. Since the mass flow of particles is bell shaped, an uniform diameter distribution was not expected. I've also tried creating multiple surfaces and specifying the diameter and the corresponding flow rate, but I still obtain a histogram with a uniform distribution.

If anyone has an idea what might be wrong, your response would be very much appreciated!

Thanks, Dan

Henrik Ström November 1, 2005 06:05

Re: DPM injection with RR distribution

Maybe this thread can shed some light:


dan November 1, 2005 10:29

Re: DPM injection with RR distribution
Thanks, that did help!

I really appreciate the help.


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