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Worth November 1, 2005 13:32

distance between particle and wall
I'm using Fluent's discrete particle tracking model to validate particle deposition locations in an aerosol system. I get agreement with empirical results for most cases. However, I have trouble when the finite radius of the particle becomes important. That is, I need to calculate particle deposition when the surface of the discrete particle touches the wall as opposed to when the center touches the wall.

1. Is there a variable in Fluent for use in UDFs that will tell me the distance between the particle and the wall?

2. Is there an existing UDF that will do this. If not, any pointers on getting started will be helpful.

Thanks in advance. Worth

Jalal Istephan November 17, 2005 14:45

Re: distance between particle and wall
Dear sir, I'm using Fluent to study the thermodynamic effect of cavitatin on NACA0012 and i have a problem which is: How can i know the distance between the surface of the airfoil and the cavity region. Please if you know any macro of udf regarding to this problem ,i'll be very happy to sent it to me.

Jalal A.Istephan

yingfei1001 June 13, 2009 03:04

you can get the position of the particle,then you can get the distance between the particle and surface!

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