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Vidya Raja November 2, 2005 10:33

Unsteady flow in FLUENT
Hi, I want to simulate unsteady (pulsatile) flow in FLUENT. Which command can help me do this? I have a pulsatile flow waveform (sinusoidal) in WINDAQ and I want to introduce this into FLUENT in my geometry. The flow is laminar.

Thanks, Vidya

Francisco Alarcón November 2, 2005 12:11

Re: Unsteady flow in FLUENT
Hello. If you want to introduce transient boundary condition , else you must use UDF's (User defined functions).

Vidya Raja November 2, 2005 17:29

Re: Unsteady flow in FLUENT
Hi, Thanks for the info. But what do you mean by transient boundary conditions? My aim is to introduce a pulsatile unsteady flow into my geometry, something like a sinusoidal wave. And how do I use UDFs? When I tried to use it, some of the options were grey (unuseable). Can you please tell me how to use it?

Thanks a lot. Cheers, Vidya

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