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marco November 2, 2005 12:05

heat transfer fluid-wall
hi, i am simulating the heat transfer of a fluid in a pipe. but i have problems how to define the boundaries. i have meshed the walls and the fluid and i defined the walls as "solids" and the liquid as "fluid" in gambit (my 2D modell looks like three rectangles on above each other)

but how do i define the boundarys. of course i have the inlet and outlet. i defined the outer lines as walls and the inner lines of the pipe as "interior". (these lines are transition between solid and fluid)

but then fluent prints the error " adjacent cell threads are of different types" (which they are, solid and fluid)

but if i define the inner lines as walls too, the i can not simulate that the wall is heaten up by the fluid because i have to set a constant temperature for a wall. that is ok for the outer lines because there is a constant temperature, but how can i deal with the inner lines of the wall? thanx for your help

Mark November 2, 2005 12:28

Re: heat transfer fluid-wall
Rather than specifying a constant wall temperature selct the coupled option in the wall boundary panel.


marco November 2, 2005 14:56

Re: heat transfer fluid-wall
hi,thank you, that works. no someone told my I should define the inner lines as "interface". i did that, but then fluent warns me as following: WARNING: Unassigned interface zone detected for interface 7 WARNING: Unassigned interface zone detected for interface 8

how can i fix that?

Ralf Schmidt November 2, 2005 16:31

Re: heat transfer fluid-wall
Take care that the interface between two volumes is shared by both of them. That mean: when two volume touch each other, the touching interface must be part of BOTH volumes. If not, Fluent has two faces at the same position and get confused. you end up with walls that do not belong there.


marco November 2, 2005 16:53

Re: heat transfer fluid-wall
i am modeling in 2d, so my interface is a line between two faces. how can i manage, that the interface belongs to both of the faces? do i define this in gambit or fluent?

Ralf Schmidt November 3, 2005 02:11

Re: heat transfer fluid-wall
U have to define this in Gambit.

U can check, if you select the summarize line button and multible select the line we are talking about. Or: make a box with the mouse from upper left to lower right in that way, that ONLY the line is includet. Here, every line that cuts the box will be selected.

If there are two lines, both will appear in the selection box. In this case delet both faces (without lower geometry) as well as one of the dubble and lines and reconect them...


marco November 3, 2005 10:42

Re: heat transfer fluid-wall
hi, i now realized it with defining the inner lines as walls. that works and i can calculate the heat transfer and display the heat in the different regions. now i have to calculate the drop of pressure and the shear rate within the pipe. how can i manage that? thanx


gokul patil November 20, 2005 12:34

Re: heat transfer fluid-wall
u can define inner wall as coupled ...

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