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Vidya Raja November 5, 2005 21:26

Retrieving files in GAMBIT & FLUENT
Hi, I created a mesh in GAMBIT and stored it as a .dbs file in the :C\ directory. I wanted to save it on my flash drive so that I can perform modifications and work on it later. How can I store it on my USB and later open it on some other computer in the lab? And how do I open it in GAMBIT? When I went to OPEN-- BROWSE- it shows only the C directory. How do I make it to locate my flash drive?

Then in Fluent, if I stored my work as a .cas file and if I later want to work on it, do I ask Fluent to read the .cas or .msh file? Also, why does it not store the input vel, density, viscosity etc that I used the last time I worked?

My third question is that I have a solid model of a valve frame with flanges and struts created in ProE. Now I want to wrap leaflets around the flanges. The leaflet is a polymeric material and I want to simulate the existence of the leaflet in my model. Can I create the leaflet in GAMBIT if I have the dimensions, angle of closure etc? And what boundary condition do I give it? For sure, it's not a wall.

Sorry for the innumerable questions.

Thanks, Vidya

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