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sawa November 8, 2005 06:51

writing data to file using UDF
Hi all,

I am working with a problem where one cylinder is subjected to wind load and is free to move in lateral direction. The displacement/velocity are calculated using structural analysis routine in the form of udf. I need to store the displacement history so that can find out the max displacement of the system. When i try to compile the udf, i am facing following errors:

..\..\src\sdofFreeVibration(Final-a).c(177) : error C2065: 'File' : undeclared identifier

..\..\src\sdofFreeVibration(Final-a).c(177) : error C2065: 'fp' : undeclared identifier

Can anyone give me idea where is the problem. I am working on pc with windows system where visual C++ is installed. Thanks in advance for your kind help. Sawa

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