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manoj November 10, 2005 18:04

6dof error in fluent's dynamic message
Hi ! I am using fluent's 6 dof code in a model to simulate the trajectory of a small block inside a wind tunnel.I used unstructred nodes for meshing the geometry. I calculated the steady state conditions and then i turned on the unsteady and dynamic mesh modes. when i try to solve the mesh motion i am getting a -ve volume error and i got this message in the console window.

Mesh Statistics: Min Volume =-1.17434e-10 Max Volume = 9.95522e-02 Warning: negative cell volume detected! Error: Preview-Dynamic-Mesh failed Error Object: ()

I tried different time step size but still didn't work. can somone help me to solve this. Thanks in advance.

Manoj Kumar November 11, 2005 02:28

Re: 6dof error in fluent's dynamic message
I would advice you to re-look at your dynamic zones. You can start with defining the block as rigid and the rest of the zones as dynamic.

manoj November 11, 2005 12:49

Re: 6dof error in fluent's dynamic message
Thanks for replying me manoj. Let me try that and let you know that works or not. I thought to get rid of the -ve volume we have to play with time step size and cell height. But it didn't worked for me. Anyways i will try what you said and thanks again.

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