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Anke Hentschel November 11, 2005 03:09

low massflow

This is Anke from Germany. At the moment I try to simulate the force on valve between two pressure chambers. These two chambers are connected with a short pipe. In the high pressure chamber is a valve. This valve looks more or less like a thin beam. Up to now the simulation model works very well. At the moment I try to do a simulation with a small mass flow. My problem is that, if I work with a very small mass flow (0,004kg/s) and with a little pressure difference (0,03bar) between these two chambers, I assumed to have a very small force on the valve. But something went wrong. If I have zero mass flow, I still have a force one the valve and this is impossible. I had discussions with my colleagues I contacted a university professor, but nobody could answer my question. I guess it could be a problem with numerical solver algorithm, because of the small mass flow, but I am not sure. So I would be very happy if you can tell me what the problem is and maybe what's the solution for my problem.

CU Anke

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