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Simon November 15, 2005 06:41

3Gb switch Windows XP
I'd be grateful if anyone can tell me whether Fluent supports the 3Gb switch under Windows XP.

I'm currently running Fluent in parallel mode on 2 32 bit HPxw6000 pc's each with 4Gb of physical RAM onboard. I can solve upto 3 million cells with this setup.

I have the 3GB switch activated on both pc's but Fluent doesn't seem to see it. Any attempt to load a 4 million cell test case aborts with an out of memory error.

I am thinking of moving to Linux to be able to access more RAM, but am unsure as to whether will this give me 6GB, or 8GB of usable memory.

I'd be grateful for any thoughts on this.

Thank you, Simon.

Tighe November 29, 2005 09:51

Re: 3Gb switch Windows XP
The 3 Gb switch in windows still allows only 2 Gb of RAM maximum for one program. The other gig is useful because it keeps windows stable and running in the background. I have run both Algor and CFDesign with the switch and seen a greater ability to multitask but no more calculating power. Linux will allocate as much RAM as a program will consume so the pressure is on the Fluent software to properly allocate that much RAM. A good source for more information on this are the people at CFD++. They have great software and understand both operating systems well.

Best Regards,


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