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Alan November 15, 2005 18:48

S-A Turbulence Model and drag prediction
Dear All,

Just needed everyone's opinion on the use of the S-A turbulence model for drag prediction of airfoils.

I have used the S-A model for predicting Lift Coef.. at different angles of attack and the results are very close to the wind tunnel results, however I havent had luck with the Drag Coef.. values?

Which turbulence model would predict Drag as nicely as the S-A does lift?

Many thanks in advance.


fuzzylogic January 11, 2016 07:47

Dear Alan ,

as compared to Cl , Cd are more sensitive to grid refinements .
Also , S-A is not very accurate (compared to k-w SST ) in resolving the flow separations, that may be occurring at high AOA.

You can refine the mesh using Prism elements at boundary layer and use a combination of RANS models with first order and second upwind schemes to save computational resources.

Hope that Helps !

shereez234 January 11, 2016 09:33

The threads you are replying to are very old. For instance this one is 11 years old. :D

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