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Alex November 16, 2005 21:50

drawing curved line,plotting skin friction lines
I'm using Fluent 6.2. I'm trying to draw a line on the blade. I actually wanted to draw a curved line but in the function panel for creating line, only straight line can be drawn. May i know how to draw a curved line on a wall surface (which is curved)? I need to do that as i want to do a XY plot of the static pressure along that curved line on the blade.

I'm also trying to plot skin friction line on wall surfaces. In the function panel for plotting pathlines, i can only obtain the pathline but not the skin friction lines on wall surfaces. How do I do that in Fluent???


Thérèse November 17, 2005 08:16

Re: drawing curved line,plotting skin friction lin

you can actually draw a curved line that follows the shape of an exesting surface at a certain position.

To do so, you have to create an "iso-surface" (from the dropdown list in "surface"). Choose surface of constant "grid" (you can draw the line at a constant x or y or z value, according to your geometry or surface of interest location, you have to specify the value in the iso-value box). In the "from surface" box you have to select the surface around which you want to draw the curved line.

Hope this helps.


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