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James November 17, 2005 09:21

Transient BCs
Hi there

i am trying to use fluent to model the heat conduction in a solid block

I have a simple model of a block where i want to set 5 of the 6 sides at an initial temp of 300k and to give the final side an initial temp of 350K increasing by 50deg each second over 3 seconds.

can someone advise me as to whether i am approaching the problem in the right manner, i have set out my steps below

file-read-case [open file created in gambit of a 3d block 50*50*10 with a mesh 2mm] grid-scale display-grid define-models-solver [select unsteady] define-models-energy [select energy] define-materials[select solid, and keep with Al] define-profiles-read [here is my profile ((sampleprofile transient 3 1) (time 1 2 3 ) (temperature 350 400 450 ) ) ] Define-boundary cond. [select each face, click set and then select temp. apart from the one face with the time varying BC where i select my profile, but there are 2 choices, sample profile with time and sample profile with temp. which one should i choose?] solve-initialize-initialize [select all zones and absolute and then click init] file-write-atuosave {once every time step} solve-animate-define solver-monitors-residual [select plot and deselect all velocity terms] file-write-case solve-iterate...[time step size=0.1, no. of time steps=30 and interations per time step =10]

Is this the right protocol?

i'd be very greatful if someone could give me some guidance on this problem, thanks


Pillai(TPU) November 29, 2005 22:24

Re: Transient BCs
Hi James,

I hope this will work out.Because with respect to time it gives result in this case.According to my knowledge this is Ok.But one more thing If we make transient analysis like this How to find the result and data with respect to time? and in what way the result varies by direct steady method? .Thank U.


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