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Bert November 21, 2005 06:05

Radiation in multiple cellular enclosure
Dear All, Anyone of you know to whether FLUENT 6 can model radiation within seperated multiple enclosures, experiencing buoyancy flows using the boussinesq model? I've tried modelling radiation in enclosures with only one cavity and it worked. it does not work for two or multiple cavity problems. However, I'm not to sure. please help. any suggestions and views will be greatly appreciatted. thank you.

Evan Rosenbaum November 21, 2005 14:28

Re: Radiation in multiple cellular enclosure
Should work, we've done it. I suspect your problem is not the rqadiation, but the buoyancy. Turn off radiation and see if it runs to confirm this. If it still doesn't run then consider using ideal gas, piecewise-linear or another variable density model for density.

If turning off radiation does eliminate the problem (and therefore is the problem), I know that we have used the DTRM and DO models successfully so consider using one of them if you aren't already.

Bert November 21, 2005 16:59

Re: Radiation in multiple cellular enclosure
Thanks for your reply. If it's not too much trouble, can you point me to any tutorials on this subject on radiation in multiple (unconnected) enclosures. I'm actually modelling a conjugate heat transfer problem involving a solid enclosure with multiple enclosures. in the encloures, the fluid is invoked for boussinesq approximation. hope to hear from you. thank you.

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