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Ol November 24, 2005 09:19

modelling laminar and turbulent flow in the same

I simulate mass and heat transfer in a humidifier. Saying shortly, the geometry is built of one big channel that is crossed by many tiny channels. Into the big channel, air is blowed in. The small channels are fed with water. In small channles the flow will be laminar, in the big channel, turbulent.

Does anybody have an idea how it can be set in Fluent to simulate laminar and turbulent flow (if it is possible at all)? Can this problem be omitted? What will happen if i simulate everything as turbulent - will the flow field in the small channels differ much from the flow tha would be simulated there as laminar?

Thanks for your interest


Viatcheslav November 24, 2005 14:48

Re: modelling laminar and turbulent flow in the sa
Specifying a Laminar Zone

When you are calculating a turbulent flow using one of the - models, the - model, or the Spalart-Allmaras model, it is possible to "turn off'' turbulence modeling (i.e., disable turbulence production and turbulent viscosity, but transport the turbulence quantities) in a specific fluid zone. This is useful if you know that the flow in a certain region is laminar. For example, if you know the location of the transition point on an airfoil, you can create a laminar/turbulent transition boundary where the laminar cell zone borders the turbulent cell zone. This feature allows you to model turbulent transition on the airfoil.

To disable turbulence modeling in a fluid zone, turn on the Laminar Zone option in the Fluid panel.

Ol November 25, 2005 03:52

Re: modelling laminar and turbulent flow in the sa
Thank You!!

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