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tu November 25, 2005 03:57

Cluster of 8 CPUs
I am about to set up a cluster of 8 CPUs for Fluent and would like to hear your oppinon on which type of hardware and OS (Linux vs. Win) to choose.

Seyfettin November 25, 2005 05:26

Re: Cluster of 8 CPUs
As OS I recommend Linux because as long as I know it requires less memory and enable to fast process at Fluent..Besides this GAMBIT is a Linux based pre-processor so that I say; yes LINUX

tu November 25, 2005 08:35

Re: Cluster of 8 CPUs
Currently I run Fluent and Gambit in WinXP and it runs OK. But if Linux requires less memory and iterates faster I will consider changing to Linux. Any idea about the type of processer - is the new 64bit PC worth looking at?

Anindya November 25, 2005 13:25

Re: Cluster of 8 CPUs
For my problem I have seen a performance increase between 25-50 % using a 64 bit machine, using AMD opteron processors. They are pretty much affordable with pretty good performance running Linux (Red Hat).

Mahesh Masurkar November 28, 2005 04:49

Re: Cluster of 8 CPUs
Obviously, Linux 64 is better than WinXP.

tu November 29, 2005 02:43

Re: Cluster of 8 CPUs
Why - is the parallel speed-up better?

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