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Rashmi December 1, 2005 07:56

regarding multiphase flows
hi all

iam simulating 2phase flow(water-oil).i have some queries: 1. is it necessary to use axissymmetric or can work with 3D? 2. while calculating the turbulent intensity we have to consider the density, viscosity and velocity of the mixture or only the water.( while specifying boundary conditions for inlet using water in drop down list ). 3.for fluid in boundary conditions panel should we use the stationary or moving reference frame.? 4.while plotting the contours how can we fix the scale of the countors for example for volume fraction of oil i want the scale from 0 to 1.

any suggestions are most welcome and appreciated Regards Rashmi

HS December 1, 2005 09:28

Re: regarding multiphase flows
4.) turn off auto scale and write 0 as min and 1 as max in the countours plot panel

Vijay December 2, 2005 08:13

Re: regarding multiphase flows
Hi, Which multiphase fow model are you using? Eulerian/VOF etc. VJ.

Rashmi December 3, 2005 05:39

Re: regarding multiphase flows
hi iam using eulerian,dispersed, k-e 2 eqn, stantard wall treatment.

Krishna Podila December 3, 2005 15:59

Re: regarding multiphase flows
Dispersed k-e model is good. Its perfect. Are u working on bubbly pipe flows? Whose dat set are u validating? KP

Rashmi December 4, 2005 23:07

Re: regarding multiphase flows
yes iam using the dispersed k-e model..but iam not getting results. iam monitoring the oil/water fraction in one plane but the volume fraction is constant through out that plane in all the iterations. dont know y the pressure is varying from -ve to +ve...

iam validating my supervoisers experimental data.she has done with cfx and experiment but her results are not in very good agreement with her experimental one.

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