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Kyle December 5, 2005 14:20

Rotating objects in flow using MRF
I asked this questions a few days ago but I do not think I was clear enough. I am trying to model flow over a rotating object suspended in a uniform flow. This is a diagram of the setup I am using:

I set the angular velocity of Zone 1 to the speed I want the object to rotate. The wall is set as a moving wall with zero angular velocity with respect to adjecent cells. This appears to work well with a very low angular velocity but gives me an answer that is obviously incorrect if I make the angular velocity above about 10 rad/sec. It also has a hard time converging with a high angular velocity. This seems to me to be very similar to the centrifugal blower example, and that works for very high angular velocities. Is there any obvious reason why my setup should not work?

thomas December 5, 2005 20:29

Re: Rotating objects in flow using MRF
Aren't you in turbulent regime over 10 rad/sec

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