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Ali December 8, 2005 05:36

Skin friction factor
Hi all, I have reached a very big friction factor of order 2000 in modelling the highly compressible flow with a velocity of order 400 in a tube!! Is it possible? Have anybody encounterd such problem? Is this friction factor defined by: Wall shear stress/((1/2)rho*u^2)? Thanks alot

samir laouedj December 10, 2005 10:49

Re: Skin friction factor
yes i have a problème with a friction coefficient. the friction coefficient is to 0.1;0.2;0.3... but 400 dont friction factor about 2000 but the problems is in the order of the velocity inlet, 400 is big you know how mach number order with 400m/s ??? yes, the friction factor is defined by Wall shear stress/((1/2)rho*u^2). contact me along.

Ali December 11, 2005 04:25

Re: Skin friction factor
Hi, I have to say that the velocity inlet isnt of order 400, but it reaches this maximum value through the pipe while the mach number is almost 1 and the flow chokes. The friction factor is so high at these parts of the pipe where the velocity is rising. The velocity inlet is almost zero. Thanks again

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