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Rashmi December 11, 2005 23:56

phase inversion
hi all

iam trying to simulate phase inversion in horizontal pipe(two phase L-L flow)..using fluent how can i know where exactly the phase inversion is occuring?

any body has any idea regarding this? i thought if i have the experimental values of the pressure and i know at what length of the pipe the phase inversion is occuring then i can create a plane at that point and monitor the pressure...but how do i get the other pressure values to plot the graph.

can anyone help me out thanks Rashmi December 12, 2005 11:29

Re: phase inversion
Eulerian approach cannot handle phase inversion. And PBE implementation in FLUENT does not support VOF. That is the reason why I told you ealier you have to focus on bubbly flows only. And it is very hard to find papers in horizontal pipes that to for liquid-liquid in bubbly regime. In G-L there are a few such as those by Iskandrani et al. (1999). KP December 12, 2005 11:36

Re: Follow up of phase inversion
On top of it you cannot use 2D to solve horizontal pipes. U have to use 3D to get good and correct results. KP

Rashmi December 12, 2005 20:59

Follow up of phase inversion
iam using 3d but how do i proceed for simulating phase inversion.which model i have to use if go for bubbly flow.


Rashmi December 13, 2005 04:37

Follow up of phase inversion
hi KP

is there any udf where i can increase the vol fraction of oil after x iterations keeping the velocity of oil and water constant to get the phase inversion. at phase inversion point the effective viscosity of the mixture is greater then the mixture i write a udf for this will it work??


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