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nando December 12, 2005 04:45

turbulence values
I'm working about a ship wake field. The hull is 88.5m long and 14m wide, speed is 13.5 knots, while the control volume is 150m long. I'm using vof, unsteady kw-sst model. There are two inlet, air and water,both velocity_inlet and 1 outlet. The outflow type is pressure_outlet, on wich I wrote a pressure profile. I'm not very confident with the result for 2 assumption: - turbulence values: in literature I found the turbulence intensity for air is 0.05% and turbulent viscosity ratio is 100, for water rispectively 0.05% and 50'000. For the outlet, I set 2% and 200. Have anyone some experience, or eventually some suggestions about this values? - steady/unsteady model. I start the calculation with unsteady state. After few time steps the pressure profile is stable, but don't converge in steady state. So I found an equilibrium condition at 13.76s. Like the first answer, have anyone experience to tell me if it's wrong or right?

Thanks for any suggestion, nando

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